Blast a bike horn louder than a handgun for only $8,000

So now there's a bike horn louder than a concord jet. Which is good since bike riding in an urban environment can be a dicey task, and those little metal bells mom bought last Christmas aren't always great for warning motorists of your existence. A problem that will probably only worsen when robots live among us.

Luckily, the Hornster now exists.

The Hornster is a horn system that allows bicyclists to blast 178 decibels with a single toot. For reference, 140 db can cause hearing damage, and a shotgun emits, on average, about 170 db. So this is really freaking loud.

The Honster has a three-bell Airchime KH3A air horn, which is a horn found on trains, and it's powered by a full-size SCUBA tank. But of course!

Oh, and it cost $8,000. But you get to deafen people left and right.

Just take a look at how much the guy in the video is having!

Via Wired

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