Belgium makes kids text while driving to learn its dangers

We all know about the dangers of texting while driving, but most young drivers still think they can get away with it. In Belgium, a safety group called Responsible Young Drivers decided to drive the danger home, by asking them to send texts while taking their driving test.

Before the test, the examiner shows them an official looking letter, which says that a new government directive asks them to show that they can use a phone safely while driving. That sounds pretty unlikely given the push to ban all handheld devices in cars, but the kids buy into the official looking rule change.

The drivers quickly learn that trying to drive while operating a phone really doesn't work, and start freaking out as plenty of safety cones get smushed. One even says he'll quit driving if a law allowing texting while driving passes.

I think this is a pretty cool approach, because it demonstrates to the kids how hard it is while still inside the relative safety of the testing center. The only problem is now that the ruse has been revealed, it's going to be hard to pull the same trick again.

Via Neatorama

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