Bees that drink your tears no longer just in nightmares

Hope you aren't a fan of sleeping, because this'll probably keep you awake for a long time: A new species of bees that drink sweat from your skin and tears from your eyes has been discovered in Brooklyn. Kind of makes me hope for the extinction of bees.

Urban sweat bees are attracted the salt found in tears and sweat. A new species called Lasioglossum gotham has been discovered in Brooklyn by Cornell researchers, but they're so small that many people don't notice when they are drinking your sweat off your bare skin. The discovery breeds excitement because if a new species can be found in an area as densely populated as Brooklyn, the possibilities seem endless for more rural areas.

Thailand researchers found that we don't have all that much to worry about with regards to tear-drinking. When a bee attempts to take a sip, we generally automatically blink it away without realizing it was ever there.

Nonetheless, researchers wrote, "However, when several bees were involved, the experience was rather unpleasant, causing strong tear flow. Once a bee had settled and more were approaching, these tended to settle near each other in a row. Closing the eye did not necessarily dislodge bees but some continued to suck at the slit. They were even able to find and settle at closed eyes."

So keep your specs on!

Via Discover Magazine

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