Front-lit Kindle to fight Glowlight Nook with color E Ink screen?

The battle for e-reader supremacy is a constant tug of war. The two main e-reader contenders are the Nook and Kindle. And with the new Nook with Glowlight, Barnes & Noble now sells the best one yet. All of that could change. Reuters believes Amazon is readying its own front-it Kindle e-reader.

According to the Reuters report, a source who has seen a prototype of the front-lit Kindle e-reader says Amazon is "ramping up production of the new Kindle."

Speaking with NPD Group Company's Vice President of Emerging Display Technologies at DisplaySearch Jennifer Colegrove, Reuters believes Amazon will add the front-lit component because the equipment part is inexpensive and consumes little energy.

That and to tempt back the customers who have gone to the Nook with Glowlight's side.

The report also claims a larger 8.9-inch Kindle Fire will launch as well to accompany the 7-inch Fire that is said to have lost momentum after the new iPad was released in March.

Reuters' report follows mumblings from DigiTimes reporting that Amazon will launch a multi-touch color e-reader in the second half of 2012. Reuters doesn't believe a color E Ink Kindle will make the cut this year, though.

Is Amazon poised to build the best e-reader yet? Last year brought an array of Kindles at different price points. Could this year be even better?

Via Reuters

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