Amazon puts its streaming videos on Xbox 360 with Kinect controls

Whew, that didn't take long. A month after putting its collection of over 17,000 Prime Instant Videos on the PlayStation 3, Amazon's ported its streaming catalog over to the Xbox 360 — complete with Kinect's gesture and voice controls.

Amazon's Instant Video service for Xbox 360 will only be available for Xbox Live GOLD members (sorry Silver members). Prime members ($79 gets you free two-day shipping and access to all of Amazon's free streaming videos) will get access to the 17,000+ Prime Instant Videos for free, while non-Prime members can join in on the fun of over by purchasing and renting over 120,000 movies and TV episodes.

Sure, the selection is still pretty barebones compared to Netflix's 60,000 library and only 2,000 of the videos are in HD, but with the recent addition of Paramount Studios movies and TV episodes, there should be a little more for everyone.

The inclusion of Kinect's voice controls should also make it easier than fumbling with the Xbox 360 controller buttons and triggers for rewinding and skipping.

As with all Amazon Instant Video-compatible devices, the Xbox 360 app also features Whispersync, a function that lets users watch, pause and resume watching on any other device. It might seem ridiculous, but theoretically, you could start on a Kindle Fire, resume on a PS3 and then finish on an Xbox 360.

Amazon, via Joystiq

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