Air conditioned bulletproof vest keeps cops cool in summer heat

Being a cop during the dog days of summer can't be much fun, especially with all of that gear you need to wear. So to keep things cool, a Swiss company has created a new type of bullet-resistant vest that comes complete with built-in air conditioning.

The Empa vest uses Kevlar for protection just like most other ballistic clothing, but adds built in water channels and a fan for Coolpad style evaporative cooling. Keeping cops chilled and comfortable sounds like a good plan. After all, who wants to have a run in with a hot, uncomfortable cop?

Creating the vest wasn't so easy, and Empa had to develop their own tiny fans that could be built into the vest without affecting its performance. Initial testing was carried out with Zurich cops on hot summer days, but I'm pretty sure a steamy hot day in Zurich would be considered a welcome break from the heat in New York or Miami.

Empa's contractor Unico Swisstex says they will start making the vests soon.

Live Science, via Gizmodo

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