Gallery: A mother's awesomely nerdy bento boxes for her son

Mom (and surprise culinary artist) Heather Sitarzewski tasked herself with making one nerdy bento box for her son every day for his school lunch, and the gallery you see here is filled with the tasty results. She now boasts nearly 150 geeky creations under her belt, which run the gamut from just plain delicious to referencing Harry Potter, Pac-Man, Angry Birds, Hello Kitty, a whole slew of classic Disney characters and more.

You can see all of Sitarzewski's creations on her Tumblr, and down below we've picked out our favorite of the nerdier offerings she's served up.

LunchboxAwesome, via Geekologie, via Boing Boing

Delicious Food And Bento Boxes Credit: Heather Sitarzewski

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