These 14 insane building designs will baffle future archeologists

Several millennia from now, future archeologists will excavate through to our level of Earth strata and brush aside the layers of cigarette butts and Capri Sun pouches to uncover the remains of an architecturally schizophrenic civilization. These future Indiana Joneses will be forced to reconcile the lives of an ancient people who left behind humble, mostly square-shaped dwellings, but also erected gigantic asymmetrical behemoths that defy the very laws of physics and practicality.

Were these towering multi-planed dwellings from the third millennium a tribute to some ancient war god, a misguided attempt to harness the Earth's magic, or just a terrible mess of engineering? Perhaps they will never know. Here we present 14 designs for brain-meltingly unique buildings from around the world that will be coming to a cityscape near you.

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