World's 'largest' Rube Goldberg machine is 300 steps of madness

Rube Goldberg machines are fun to look at not because of the common tasks they end up performing, but because of the process in which it takes to get that task done. There's no other Rube Goldberg machine like this newly crowned "world's largest."

The specialists over at the Purdue Society of Professional Engineers did it again. Having taken the world record with a 244-step Rube Goldberg machine, the team came back this year with the help of some folks from the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers to beat last year's record with a 300-step machine.

Over 5,000 hours were put into building the juggernaut. As i09 notes, by "largest functional Rube Goldberg machine," World Records Academy actually means "most complex."

What was the Rube Goldberg's ultimate task? To inflate and pop a balloon. That balloon didn't know it, but it had the honor of being born and killed in the fanciest way possible.

World Records Academy, via i09

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