Working 1/6 scale Star Wars arcade takes you on mini trench runs

Mini arcade cabinets don't get more adorable than Le Chuck's 1/6 scale Atari Star Wars replica with custom X-wing joystick yoke. Measuring at just 12 inches, this little guy even has authentic light-up coin slots. Talk about paying attention to the details!

Powered by a GPX CAANOO Linux portable media player, the mini Star Wars made from basswood boots up into MAME4ALL and starts the 1983 Atari game where you're trying to destroy the Death Star. (If you've never played this game, you've been missing out.)

The graphics for Star Wars might look primitive by today's standards, but on a tiny screen, they make the 1980s graphics look cutting edge all over again.

This is the perfect console to get your new-born onto the road of gamer, if only because the controls will be perfectly sized for his/her itty bitty little hands and fingers.

Demonstration video down below along with some close-up shots of the detailed mini cabinet.

Arcade Controls, via Hack A Day

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