'Ridiculous Minigolf' is inspired by Minecraft, Portal and more

In the mother of all DIY projects, a hacker and a bunch of his friends got together and decided they could improve on mini-golf. They combined mini-golf with some of classic video game themes to create an insanely cool 12-hole course.

Not only is it cool — it looks damn challenging.

Called Ridiculous Minigolf, there's no pansy windmills or gnomes here. Tom Scott and his hacker buds created a Minecraft hole that includes a Creeper (this guy) and TNT block. The Twin Looper hole — if you get your ball anywhere near it — will suck the ball through 90 feet of tubing.

On the few holes that don't have anything to do with video games, the crew has managed to include enough geeky shenanigans you'd still be satisfied. There are Wii controllers, hidden balls and more.

Tom Scott and his friends built the course as part of his 10,000-days-of-being-alive anniversary, and will be displaying it at the Derby Maker Faire in the U.K. beginning June 3.

Sort of makes me wonder what they'd build for the Festivus.

Ridiculous Minigolf, via Hack A Day, via Geekosystem

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