What cities would look like if you were the last person on Earth

If you woke up one day and the entire human race was wiped out, what would it look like? A little like the scenes in I Am Legend? Probably. Two artists who go only by Lucie & Simon "used a special neutral density filter that allows for extra-long exposures, which removes moving objects like people and cars. The technique, "normally used by NASA for analyzing stars" works well to create this eerily powerful photo set titled "Silent World."

Each photo shows a city entirely empty except for a person or two. London, Paris, New York, Beijing — it's all so strange to see these familiar cities so devoid of life. Yes, there are times when you can see these places deserted such as in the whee early morning hours or late night when everybody's at home sleeping, but these photos, but these show the cities during the daytime.

Let's hope an apocalyptic world like this never happens. Who seriously believes in the Mayan apocalypse anyway?

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Lucie & Simon, via Gothamist and The Atlantic Cities

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