Video: This is what Skyrim's Kinect voice commands sounds like

Bethesda made quite a splash last week by announcing that Skyrim would get a Kinect patch for voice controlled commands and dragon shouts.

Kotaku's Jason Schreier got to give the voice controls a shouting and test seemed to be rather impressed with the added depth voice controls give Skyrim.

The whole thing is based on your Favorites menu. You can go through that list and say things like "assign fire spell" or "assign bow." Then, while wandering through tundras or killing villagers or whatever it is you like to do in Skyrim, you can activate those keywords by saying things like "equip bow" or "equip fire left" (for your left hand).

Dragon shouts are a different story. You can say their English translations without a problem, but to use them in Dragon-speak, you have to hold down a button while speaking. This is because the Kinect only recognizes English, a Bethesda representative explained.

In its announcement last week, Bethesda said the patch would have over 200 voice commands. Holy moly!

Although I haven't given the voice commands for Skyrim myself, I can attest that in the many games that do have voice controls, the Kinect seems to fair just fine in recognizing specific commands.

What do you think? Voice commands for Skyrim a completely dumb idea or quietly brilliant?

YouTube, via Kotaku

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