Video: Terrafugia's flying car gassing up and taking flight

We're living in some incredible technological times. We've been following Terrafugia's Transition flying car since it made shockwaves in 2009. Promised to be ready for sale by last year, the Transition is now slated for release later this year.

Terrafugia's just released some video footage (you can watch that below) of the Transition prototype flying car flying over Plattsburgh, NY. You can see it doing its thing from pulling out of a garage to gassing up to transforming to flying and it's kind of inspiring.

Let's get this straight, the Transition isn't going to turn Earth into Coruscant overnight. Terrafugia's Transition is a prototype flying car that opens up the potential for regular folk like me and you to one day buy and store an aircraft in their garage. The Transition is more of a personal plane (it's classified as a Light Sport Aircraft) with stabile driving functions than a car with wings.

As Terrafugia states on its site site FAQ:

Terrafugia's philosophy is to design a vehicle for pilots that brings additional ground capability to an airplane instead of attempting to make a car fly.

First tossed around in 2007, tested in 2009 and then flown briefly last month, the Transition transforms from car to plane mode in under 30 seconds, can hit speeds of 65 miles per hour on ground and 115 miles per hour in the air.

It's expected to cost about $279,000 (up from the original $194,000).

Got your $10,000 cash deposit ready? Not so fast, because in order to take to the skies, your regular drivers license won't be enough. You'll also need at least a Sport Pilot license to pilot the Transition in the air, which requires you have at least 20 hours of flight time under your belt.

The world's not quite ready for flying super highways, but hey, we weren't ready for a post-PC world filled with tablets and smartphones and yet we're seeing that trend explode.

Terrafugia, via LA Times

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