Video: See a car defy gravity in the 'Wall of Death'

It's usually motorcycles that take on the "Wall of Death." In the gravity-defying stunt, bikes speed around so fast they pull enough g-forces to be able to climb a wall and travel around perpendicular to the ground. Now a car has successfully performed the amazing feat.

In a promotion for the new Mazda2, a veteran Wall of Death rider 'Dynomite' Dave Seymour takes the car for a spin in his own Demon Drome. He first shows how it's done on a motorcycle, and then tackles it in the car for a total of eight laps.

If you guessed pulling this off in a car is tough, you'd be right. Mazda had to tweak the suspension to allow for enough flexibility and clearance in the car as it moved from the floor to the slightly curved lower track which starts the vehicle off on it's trip around the Drome.

Once he got going, Seymour punched it to just over 30 mph to climb the walls and maintain enough height so that the car didn't hit the floor. He experienced around 2.5g's as he and the car hugged the wall.

Getting off the wall safely also took all of Seymour's skills. Suprisingly, he had to maintain constant pressure on the accelerator as he made minor tugs to the left on the steering wheel to gradually pull the car off the wall.

Hey, we know it's an ad, but it's a pretty cool and unusual way of showing off a new car.

Via Mazda Australia, Autoblog

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