Video: Quadrotor with machine gun is so fake we wish it were real

YouTube's most entertaining gun "expert" FPS Russia makes his living blowing crap up with firearms, but his new fake quadrotor with a machine gun strapped to it is so very badass, we had to share it with you guys.

According to FPS Russia, the prototype quadrotor is so high-tech it doesn't even have a name, so he's calling it "Charline." He would have fooled us all if it weren't for the bogus-looking tablet (clearly an iPad with extra fake padding attached to it) remote control and lack of muzzle flares.

The big kicker that points to the machine gun quadrotor being fake is that he self destructs it in a car and a "A big thanks to my friends the makers of Call of Duty for sponsoring this video" disclaimer at the end of the video.

We'd say there's a 99.9 percent chance FPS Russia was contracted for a viral video for the May 1 unveil of the next Call of Duty game. Activision's next game is rumored to either be Black Ops 2 or a new game called Eclipse. Giddy-up, it's time for a new CoD again.

There's still plenty of explosions in the video to stay subscribed to FPS Russia and not call him a sellout, though!

Via YouTube

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