Video: Our chat with Phil Meteer on piloting a flying car

I sat down with Terrafugia test pilot Phil Meteer to chat about flying the Transition, a car that flies. (Or a plane that drives, for all you tomato/to-mah-to types out there.) Hop on in and check it out.

Our takeaway? If you can drive a car, you've got at least half of what you need to know to helm the Transition.

Flying is trickier, obviously, but the Transition's current classification as a Light Sport Aircraft means that you need only 20 hours of flight time (in a Transition-specific course) to certify for it. We're told that's the shortest required amount of time for a small aircraft.

The biggest hurdle for interested parties will most likely be the cost, not the actual piloting. At $279,000, the Transition is priced a lot more like a plane. Meteer had a suggestion for this: initially, he foresaw groups of people going in on a Transition together and sharing time for it, which isn't an uncommon thing in the aviation world.

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