Lego robot zips over water like a crazed water bug

We all know by now that Legos can be used to create some insanely cool things — from skyscrapers to prosthetic arms. While many makers clearly go for complex designs and functionality, the beauty of this Lego "Omniboat" lies in its simplicity. It scoots across a pond on pontoons like a giant water bug.

Now, for the purists who might decry this Lego boat as not being fully made out of bricks — well, we'll grant you that. But consider this: sharp eyes have pointed out the pontoons used to float the boat are made from the water bottles that came with Lego hockey sets from 2003. Looks like builder Vimal Patel might win on a technicality with that clever move.

What else is cool about this model? It has a motor — we love those. It has a camera to give us a look at the action from the hotseat — we love those too. Plus, it has a minifig boat captain.

Patel even manages to one-up himself by using his first Lego boat to film this second boat in action. (That's right. There are two of them.)

Hack A Day , via Technabob

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