Video: Fan 'corrects' Yoda's unique spin on English

Any Star Wars fan knows that Yoda's English is all backwards. No Jedi dares correct his poor mastery of the language because he's a Jedi master. One fan saw it fit to "fix" the little green dude's grammar with the magic of video editing.

The parody video was created by "MechaStewart" who did it in the interest of just having some fun:

"Leave Yoda alone"
If George can mess with perfection, so can I. At least mine is done in parody ;)

"The audio sucks"
Yup, sure does, lots of pops and drops. Time is precious in life, did not want to waste time being picky.

Agreed. If Lucas can keep mucking with the old movies, frustrating fans by making Han shoot second and stuff, well, why can't we mess with his characters?

It's definitely weird to see Yoda's speak all corrected, but for those who would rather see good English get all Yoda-fied, there's the Yoda-Speak Generator. Don't try to translate anything naughty, because Yoda will judge you.

Via Vimeo

(Thanks James!)

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