Video: Chinese smugglers caught with iPhones in beer bottles

Those Chinese iPhone smugglers just don't know how to take a hint, do they? After one guy was caught with 30 iPhones taped to his body, another Chinese smuggler was caught trying to pass customs with 215 iPhones hidden inside empty beer bottles.

In Chinese, there's an expression that goes like this: Aiyah! Translated into English, it means "oh man..." or "crap! or "damn!" For this old lady who was caught by Chinese custom officers at the Sha Tau Kok border, her situation is an "aiyah" one indeed.

According to Guangzhou Daily (Google Translated), Chinese custom officers noticed an eldery lady trying to transport a large quantity of beer bottles from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. Upon inspection, the officers noticed the bottler were rather heavy. Opening them up, they discovered that the bottles were expertly cut in half to enclose three iPhone 4/4S devices per bottle.

The smuggler's reasoning for doing so is that the iPhone is cheaper to purchase in Hong Kong and can fetch a premium back in China. China, as you know is gaga for Apple products.

Nice try old lady, but you've got a long way to go before you can become as infamous as those smugglers who used a zipline and crossbow to shoot iPhones 1,000 feet across a river. You and Mr. iPhones in fake Nike Air Force One sneakers have much to learn. Much to learn!

But, in all seriousness, how did she not expect to get caught?

Guangzhou Daily (Google Translated), via M.I.C Gadget

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