Vending machine delivers medical marijuana via touch screen

Of all the vending machines we've featured here, this may be the one that tops them all when it comes to outrageous ideas. This new vending machine doles out—wait for it—medical marijuana.

The machine is called the Autospense and was designed by Dispense Labs as a way to add another layer of security to medical marijuana transactions. To purchase a serving you need to use a special swipe card, verify your thumbprint, and then enter a secret pin code, all while cameras monitor your movements. Offering marijuana strains named Skywalker, Bio Diesel, Platinum and others, after verification you use a touch panel to make your selection.

So far there's only one in operation in California, but the company is hoping this example will encourage more medical marijuana stores to offer this device in the future. You can see this "green tech" in action in the video below.

Via OCRegister

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