Ultra tough screen protector shields iPhones from hammer smashes

Apple's iPhone 4S might not survive a shot in the face with a sniper rifle, but it's good to know that with this tough-as-balls screen protector, Sir Jonathan Ive's finest mobile creation yet can take a hammer to its screen like The Hulk without any bruisings.

Scratch and dust proof, BUFF Labs' iPhone Screen Protector is probably the strongest screen protector on Earth. Made from premium silocon adhesives, BUFF's screen guard has four shock-absorbing layers — one that, well, absorbs the shock, the second which disperses the shock, and the other two which aid only in applying it on your iPhone.

There's even an iPad version of the screen protector. Go watch this video of a guy cracking walnuts with a hammer on his iPad. It's mind-boggling.

Well played BUFF, well played. The only kicker is that the $20 to $30 screen shields aren't available in the U.S. as Buff Labs operates only in Asia. There's always eBay!

Now you really have no excuse to cover up that iPhone 4S with an ugly case (boy are there a ton of 'em out there).

BUFF, via RedmondPie

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