Watch two cars become controllers for a giant game of Pong

How do you create a giant game of Pong? With the steely resolve and mad skills of some average drivers, and two cars rigged up to control two digital cars on a giant screen. By driving forward and reversing, the players controlled their avatars to keep the ball bouncing back and forth.

My adrenaline is cranked up just thinking about it.

The giant game — called "Smart eBall" was set up by ad agency BBDO as a publicity stunt for the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive. Why? To prove the little car has some big acceleration, thus the driving up and down to catch that oncoming ball.

To drive the point home they didn't hire trained professionals — they let anyone in the crowd play.

I've got to hand it to the creative team that put this together. I can't think of a better way to get people crawling all over your car and accelerating and reversing like demons than to pit them against each other in the ultimate test of reflexes.

I can only hope they had adequate accident insurance. Pong can make people flinchy.

Not to worry. By all accounts the demonstration — which took place in Frankfurt, Germany — appears to have been pulled off without a hitch and obviously earned the car the PR the agency was looking for. It was estimated some 520,000 people flocked to the stunt.

Between this stunt and the geektastic inspired mini-golf game we reported on yesterday it seems there is a trend to bring video game experiences into the real world.

My only question is why are they always in Europe??

BBDO, via Trendhunter

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