Weirdest exercise bike ever comes with a Tron-like interface

Exercise bikes allow people the luxury of intensive thigh-burning exercise without having to leave home, but they aren't exactly considered elegant pieces of furniture. The VELA exercise bike makes indoor exercise exciting again with a sleek modern design and projections that'll simulate a digital racing grid.

Set to debut at the 2012 Milan Furniture Fair, the VELA was designed by Lunar Europe's Munich office with two purposes: 1) to function as an exercise machine and 2) to be be a beautiful sculpture in the home when not in use.

VELA is a cycle trainer that challenges the design expression of current products at home. From a functional object, it transforms into sculpture when not in use to show off the user's passion for their lifestyle through outstanding aesthetics. Clever integration of beautiful projections around the bike create an immersive training experience. VELA shifts the paradigm of training at home, making it a celebrated activity.

To see the digital projections, take a peek at the video below. Lunar Europe revealed any details on how the projections stay aligned and whether it only works in the dark or not. Either way, we're already getting giddy just thinking about getting our Light Cycle freak on.

No word on pricing for the VELA bike, but you can bet your pony the VELA won't be cheap if it's ever produced.

Lunar Europe, via Ubergizmo and PSFK

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