High security alarm clock is serious about waking you up

Serious over sleepers and snooze-bar-slappers will either love or hate this alarm clock. It requires you to punch in a code on a keypad to shut it off, but that keypad? We'll, it's somewhere else entirely.

If you're thinking you could REM sleep your way through the alarm, think again. The keypad is in another room, and the code is the correct day's date. Nothing too hard to figure out, but the idea here is that you could place the pad somewhere that fits into your morning routine, such near the shower or next to a coffee pot.

I'll say this about the clock, no matter how mean it is — it's kind of cool looking in an art deco sort of way. That's a good thing because otherwise you might hate its lack of a snooze button and the clanging it kicks out until you manage to make it to the keypad.

No sweet tunes from this clock. You can't reset it either.

I know there are some wise guys out there who think you'll do what you've done with those other annoying clocks — you'll just unplug it. No dice friends. If you unplug it, batteries will still keep you heading for the keypad.

And if you decide you aren't putting batteries in it then I'm afraid there's no helping you.

Ramos Clock, via Neatorama

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