These spiky headphones are designed to isolate you in your music

Do you think you're so fashionable with your Beats and Skullcandy DJ headphones? Those headphones are tame when compared to the OneSense headphones designed Joe Doucet. These spiky headphones isolate you from the outside world, totally immersing you into your audio world.

The OneSense headphones aren't high-end headphones designed to give you the best bass or simulate surround sound. They're red and have spikes because the color is a natural symbol for "warning and defense, to alert others not to intrude."

Doucet's design is an exercise in silencing the "digital noise" that surrounds us — tablets, smartphones, and computers that constantly vie for our attention. With OneSense, Doucet wants to bring back the intimacy of listening to music by yourself.

By obscuring a listener's vision, they're forced to feel the music. OneSense isn't a real product for sale, but it'll be on show at the Meet My Project exhibit in Milan later this month.

Don't get too carried away feeling the music, though. You don't want to start bumping into objects while wearing these.

Joe Doucet Studio, via OhGizmo

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