These laser cut sushi seaweeds are too pretty to eat for lunch

The art of sushi is complex. On the one hand, you've got cheap sushi and then you've got skilled artisan sushi. Enter a third type of sushi: rolls wrapped in laser-cut nori (seaweed) that is almost too good looking to scarf down.

Created by I&SBBDO for a sushi business that was hurting from the 2011's devastating tsunami in Japan, the laser-cut nori are meant to "symbolize good fortune, happiness and longevity."

Patterns include sakura (cherry blossom — luck), mizutama (water drop — luck), asonoha (hemp — growth), kikkou (tortoise shell — longevity) and kumikikkou (tortoise shell — longevity).

The designs go beyond boosting a small business. I&SBBDO also won a Best of Show Design Award for the seaweed designs at Adfest in Thailand.

So, shall we dine or put these into an acrylic case for display?

JeannieJeannie, via Neatorama

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