The real Green Lantern: street lamps powered by algae

Here at Dvice we've reported on a variety of alternative street lamp designs. We've seen kinetic powered versions and solar models, but this glowing green lamp is a first. This prototype streetlamp is powered by a hardworking species of algae.

Plants such as algae work hard for the planet — they convert sunlight into oxygen through photosynthesis. Some species are also mixtrophic — which means they can also generate energy from taking in organic carbon. It's this algae that has been targeted for use in these unique prototype lamps that would scrub carbon emissions from the air, and use the energy created by photosynthesis and the carbon conversion to power the lights.

French biochemist Pierre Calleja has been developing the algae powered lamp. The lamps are tanks filled with water and algae that convert sunlight and carbon dioxide in the air during the daytime; the energy generated is stored in batteries that come with the tank. At night, the batteries power the lights creating a bright green glow.

Because the algae used in the lamp could be such a powerful tool in keeping carbon emissions in check, the lamps could also be used in areas such as underground parking garages. The algae could go to work munching on the carbon dioxide emissions and be lit artificially if needed.

No matter where they are located, the groovy green glow these lamps give off is enough to make me want them in my local neighborhood. If fitted with the right kind of anti-theft/tampering measures (because I could see these lamps being "liberated" for personal use), they could be amazing looking public fixtures and planet saving features!

Via Earthtechling

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