Tetris: a medical marvel (for treating PTSD)

Back in the day, Tetris was the best way to get through pre-calc when you finally got a sweet graphic calculator capable of running it. Turns out, it may also be a great way to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Who knew?

Researchers at Oxford, led by Emily Holmes, discovered that visual-spatial tasks can help disrupt the mental imagery that is a prevalent part of PTSD flashbacks. And what better visual-spatial task is there besides playing Tetris?

During the experiment, subjects viewed a disturbing film then completed one of three things: answering trivia questions, playing Tetris or doing nothing in particular. Those who play Tetris reported far fewer flashbacks than the other groups.

No telling yet if this will work with 3-D synchronized water droplet Tetris.

Via Counsel & Heal

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