Skateboard with tank treads lets you do some off-road shredding

In most towns, busting out your board and skating on public sidewalks and streets is likely to get you banned or worse. So why not move your fun off the smooth concrete, and take to the hills with a little off-road shredding?

The deck of the Rockboard Descender looks like any regular board, but the trucks and wheels have been replaced by a set of four tracks like a mini tank. This lets you ride smoothly down a grassy slope, a place where on a regular board you would just end up on your face. The only problem is, instead of the cops, you're probably going to have the parks department chasing after you.

The Descender doesn't look too fast, so doing any tricks might be a challenge. Still, if this catches on, I'm sure someone will come up with a new repertoire of fancy stuff you can do on it.

The Rockboard Descender should be available by this summer for around $120.

Rockboard, via Gizmag

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