Take late night swims in this skyscraper's glass pool balconies

When you're loaded with cash, you don't question things. Take this 30-story high-rise concept shaped liked an ohm (Ω) and its balconies that double as glass pools. It's completely over the top lavish and our only regret is that we'll probably never be able to afford a stay here.

If the name James Law Cybertecture rings a bell, it's because this is the same architect that designed the iPod-inspired tower called the iPad, long before Apple released its tablet.

Law's latest concept structure — Bandra Ohm — measures 140 meters tall and has pools that would give me vertigo. Seriously, who thinks swimming on a glass balcony isn't going to make you weak in the knees/body?


The design concept of the tower is inspired by the ripple effect generated by water droplets, which is also known as the capillary wave. The image of the ripple emphasizes fluidity and this idea is reflected in the tower's design. The outline of the tower demonstrates the fluidity and dynamic nature of the ripple. The outline and the ripple pattern can be conceived as an abstract representation of the symbol Ohm (Ω). The ripple effect usually generates a vortex-like space in the center. The tower design is trying to recapture the essence of this space by creating a large void in the middle along with a special designed clubhouse form.

You can see more renderings of the crazy tower over at James Law's website. So, how much per night? Nevermind, if I have to ask, I probably can't afford a stay at the Bandra Ohm. It's perfect then, that Law's design is only a concept. Dream on, brotha!

James Law Cybertecture, via Geekologie

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