Survive an earthquake with a dorky looking bag on your head

If you're caught in the middle of a violent earthquake, your first concern is probably avoiding falling bits of building. Unfortunately most of us don't walk around with a hard hat, but that could change if this bag that doubles as a helmet catches on.

The Grappa bag has a hard rounded shell that normally forms the bottom of the bag, but when you pull the bag over your head it becomes a protective layer for your noggin. A mesh panel on one side lets you see out and breathe, while still protecting you to some extent from flying stuff.

The bag folds up pretty neatly so you can stash it in another bag, but that sounds to me like it kind of defeats the original purpose of its bag-based design.

The Grappa bag is available now in Japan for about $12. I'm still trying to figure out why they named it after a Italian type of brandy; perhaps you need to be drunk to consider putting it on.

DigInfo TV, via Geekologie

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