Stealth bike is perfect for sneaking into enemy subdivisions

If you want to ride your bike around without everyone noticing, you're going to need stealth technology. This bike from Slovak engineer Brano Meres takes a few ideas from the F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter, and turns them into bicycle form. Meres even named his machine after the stealthy plane, calling it the X9 Nighthawk.

In place of the standard steel tubing, the X9 uses flat sided frame members made from an aramid fiber honeycomb wrapped in carbon fiber. By using such lightweight materials, the entire frame weighs just three pounds, so the bike's performance should be impressive too.

Meres, who has a Ph.D in mechanical engineering and works on military projects, says that he would like to use even more high tech materials, but they're not available through civilian channels. Perhaps he needs to work on some of those military contacts.

I'm not so sure about the stealth part, because once you put a big hulking human on there, it should be easy to spot. Still, he's bound to have the coolest bike in town.

Meres stresses that all of the images are of an actual frame, and are not computer renderings. Personally, I wonder how that handlebar stem is going to feel when you slam into it during an emergency stop.

Brano Meres Engineering, via Gizmag

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