Sound Sofa is the world's comfiest iPod dock

If you want some tunes in your living room but your clutter sensitive partner can't stand the thought of an iPod speaker screwing up their designer decorated space, this sofa lets you indulge without creating an eyesore.

The Sound Sofa looks like a regular sectional sofa, but it hides a built-in audio system with two speakers and a subwoofer. A handy iPod dock lets you connect to your tunes, or you can hookup using the built in SD card slot or a Bluetooth wireless.

The sound sofa comes in several different combinations of loveseats and armchairs, and there are separate matching chairs and foot stools to complete the look. Prices range from around $1700, the main catch being that the Sound Sofa is currently sold only in England.

CSL Sofas, via Born Rich

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