Sit and spin: table doubles as exercise bike, charging station

There's been a lot of talk lately about how we all need to get more exercise. Don't think no one's been listening. A Belgian company has taken the cause to heart by creating a table with seats that double as exercise bikes — and the pedal power charges up your gadgets.

The WeBike is an uber-chic, cedar-clad table with three pedaling stations. The maker, We-Watt claims that gentle cycling will produce 230Vac/30Watts of output for each seat. LED lights at each station let you know how much you are adding to the charging stations.

The idea behind the WeBike is to tackle the increasingly sedentary lifestyles we lead in an effort to combat diseases associated with inactivity. That's just a fancy way of saying we need to get off our asses and move instead of just sitting around working, gaming and watching TV or we all might die younger.

Recognizing that's a tough sell for some of us the WeBike focuses on sneaking exercise in the back door. If you're like me you'll have to pry that laptop out of my cold dead hands — but maybe, just maybe if I could still work on my laptop and work out at the same time I'd be more likely to do it.

Add to that the results from a Dutch research group TNO that found that gentle cycling had a positive effect on work performance. It seems cycling improves our speed-reading, time management and mental faculties — which works out well for the makers of the WeBike.

You start quoting "improved performance," and these WeBikes are going to start popping up in break rooms and hallways in offices everywhere.

For all my jesting, I do believe in getting more exercise. I'm just not sure how much gentle cycling will add to one's health, but I'll be the first to recognize it would be far more exercise than I currently get. Plus, I don't have to embarrass myself at a gym spin class or get flattened by a taxi trying to do it. Plus, I'm not above trying to power up my own devices.

The WeBike has already appeared in a shopping mall and a restaurant in Brussels, with plans to roll out the tables in the Brussels airport soon. The company is selling the WeBike — which can be arranged as a round table or side-by-side stations — for approximately ฝ,154USD.

The manufacturers will also work out a rental plan. That might come in handy for those offices and airports that are torn between installing WeBikes or those Escalades with the exercise bike in the back.

Via Gizmag

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