Siri's fake hidden feature: destroying your iPhone

Siri can help you hide a body, make a child cry and now, if this video is to believed (which is, to say, it's not real), everybody's favorite digital assistant will also make sure your stolen phone can never be used to hurt you. In fact, it will never be used again! Here, have an evil laugh.

This fun little concept vid comes by way of Aatma Studios, a digital design house that usually explores features you'd actually love to have in a future iProduct. In fact, that's not a real iPhone in the video, but a razor-thin, conceptual iPhone 5 that appeared in an earlier Aatma vid.

Siri's is pretty unforgiving in the video below. If you screw up the auto-lock screen's password more than three times then boom!, there goes your phone.

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Aatma Studio, via Mashable

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