Shopping cart sculpture defies gravity, challenges consumerism

This sculpture of shopping carts crammed together in serpentine loops is more than cool and gets the imagination stirring. I can see a dragon, a roller coaster or even a blingy slinky. But, the exhibit is designed with more than just a visual goal in mind — the artist wants us to be thinking about what the carts represent.

Matt McVeigh's "Trolling Shopping Cart" exhibit was designed to make us reflect on the endless loop of consumerism where we endlessly fill our carts whether we need to or not.

According to McVeigh's site he wanted to "…reference the instability of our culture in the dogged pursuit of more — 'When too much is never enough.'"
McVeigh is a performer and designer in Western Australia who specializes in production design and community art projects. The "Trolling Shopping Cart" is the first in a series he is calling "Affluenza."

Matt McVeigh, via TrendHunter

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