Satellites used to count penguin population

Sure, satellites have been used for many important projects that have pushed humankind forward, the least of them being satellite television. But now, they've finally fulfilled their true destinies: counting penguins.

And they've brought back good news! It turns out the previous estimate for the penguin population missed about 50 percent of our tuxedo-wearing avian friends.

"We are delighted to be able to locate and identify such a large number of emperor penguins," lead author Peter Fretwell, a geographer for the British Antarctic Survey, said in a press release. "We counted 595,000 birds, which is almost double the previous estimates of 270,000 to 350,000 birds. This is the first comprehensive census of a species taken from space."

Since penguins reside in such cold and remote climates, we've had trouble getting an accurate number. Hanging out in Antarctica and counting them can only go so far.

This is even better news when you consider our somewhat terrifying penguin replacements, such as Pomi, the robo-penguin with a heart.

Via Discovery News

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