Sanitize your icky cellphone with the PhoneSoap charger case

You may think of your cellphone as a sleek cutting edge machine, but it's still likely to get covered in all kinds of really disgusting stuff as you go about your day. The PhoneSoap charger case makes your phone safe to handle, by killing 99.9 percent of the bacteria and viruses lurking on its screen.

Studies have shown that a cellphone is far more germ laden that the toilet in a public restroom, so it's a pretty disgusting thing to be using as you eat a meal, yet people do it all the time.

PhoneSoap is an aluminum case that bathes your cellphone in germ killing UV-C light as it charges. So by the time you get up in the morning to start your day, your phone will be completely sanitized and ready for another day of your gross handling.

My main concern is that when your phone is secured away in the tight fitting PhoneSoap case, how easy will it be to answer if someone calls? The PhoneSoap guys say that the case lets you hear your morning wake up alarm, so at least you should be able to hear the phone ringing as well.

PhoneSoap is a Kickstarter concept that has already more than doubled its $18,000 fundraising goal, so this product should get off the ground soon. Man there must be a lot of germaphobes out there.

Kickstarter, via TreeHugger

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