Robotic sushi chef can whip out 400 rolls per hour

One of the most cherished culinary disciplines in Japan is the art and process of making sushi. But now even that exalted tradition may succumb to the march of technology thanks to the SushiBot.

In the cheaper Japanese sushi restaurants (kaiten-zushi), skilled sushi chefs slowly roll your sushi in front of you with an old school pride and meticulousness. But the automatic sushi-rolling SushiBot can churn out an amazing 400 sushi rolls per hour with little more than someone feeding it ingredients, from the looks of it. How complex of rolls it can manage, though, isn't clear.

Although you'd never find such a thing in a high-end sushi restaurant, for the low-end establishments this could put a few old sushi masters out of work.

You can see the SushiBot in action in the videos below. The first shows its fast sorting and portioning skills. The second, its ability to crunch a roll in record time.

Via Gigazine

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