Here's a robot to dye all your Easter eggs for you

Ah, the sights and smells of spring: new life blooming, baby animals being born (at least according to Animal Planet), the beginning of baseball — if it weren't for all that frustrating egg-dying we have to do, it's be just lovely. Well, Egg-Bot's here to save the day! This little robot will dye and decorate all your Easter and holiday eggs for you.

Evil Mad Science LLC's Egg-Bot is an open source art robot that can draw on egg-shaped or spherical objects from about 1.25 to 4.25 inches in diameter. And Egg-Bot's sensitive enough to draw on things as thin and delicate as eggs and wine glasses, the website boasts. (Really interested to see who is egg-dying their wine glasses.)

And since the software is open source, there aren't too many constraints limiting you if you are both great with computers and have a hankerin' for beautifully and interestingly dyed eggs. According to Egg-Bot's website, you "can draw an image directly, trace a photograph, or import designs from other programs. You can also control the Egg-Bot directly from many other programs that have the ability to send serial commands over a USB port."

Just the latest in egg or egg-shaped technology, Egg-Bot runs a cool $195. If you've got that and a bunch of eggs that need to be dyed this weekend, it sounds like the Egg-Bot is your robot.

Via Egg-Bot

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