Philippe Starck working on 'revolutionary' new Apple product (Updated)

When it comes to Apple's industrial design, Jony Ives is usually the name you hear thrown around. But it would appear the late Steve Jobs tapped another talent — famed French designer Philippe Starck — to design a "revolutionary" product that'll be released in the next eight months.

French blog Mac4Ever (translated) claims Starck collaborated with Sir Jonathan Ives to create a new product. French newspaper Le Figaro corroborates the report saying Starck regularly met with Steve Jobs in Palo Alto once a month for the last seven years to discuss the product.

Starck isn't famous for designing computers or electronics. He's most known for designing furniture and redesigning hotels and restaurants. He's dabbled in designing hard drives for LaCie, but nothing that could be called "revolutionary."

It's possible that Apple could have put Starck on the rumored Apple HDTV project or even the next iPhone. Both are expected to be due later this year.

The well-informed 9to5Mac cautions that much could have been lost in translation and reminds everybody that Starck might be referring to his work on the "iYacht" that Steve Jobs ordered before he passed away.

What could Starck be chipping away at in Cupertino? I'm a big fan of the LaCie drives that Starck designed. Might we see some of those touch-sensitive touches grace Apple's Macs?

Update: Show's over people. An Apple spokesperson has debunked rumors that Starck is involved with any "revolutionary" products for the company according to AllThingsD. Starck's most likely referring to the yacht...and not a new iPhone or Apple HDTV.

Le Figaro, via MacRumors

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