'Pac-Man The Movie' fan film is just plain awesome

Before the age of co-op gaming and gesture interfaces, there was a simpler time when joysticks and quarters introduced us to the dark and addictive world of Pac-Man. That world has now become a very cool film.

Pac-Man The Movie is a five-and-a-half-minute film that re-imagines Pac-Man as a secret government project in which our yellow protagonist is a robot designed to clean up accidents like fuel leaks and nuclear accidents. In the film, the creator calls it the Polymorphic Autonomous Compound Manipulator "programmed to seek out any hazardous target at the push of a button."

As an old school Pac-Man (and Ms. Pac-Man) hardcore fan, this is probably the most excited I've been about the game in a very long time.

The director, James Farr, and the animator, Nathan Glemboski, actually imbue Pac-Man with entertaining character and life. From the rendering of the iconic blue mazes, to the ghosts, to the underlying premise of the film, everything comes together in such a way that makes you wonder why idea-starved Hollywood didn't come up with this on its own by now.

This isn't just a cool idea, it's a brilliant movie franchise waiting to happen. You can watch the entire film below.

YouTube, via James Farr and Nathan Glemboski

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