High-tech NYC taxi comes with odor absorbing seats

If you've ever been to London, you'll know that taxi passengers in England's capital get to ride in a fabulous purpose-built vehicle. Here in New York City we had something similar until the demise of the Checker some 25 years ago, but today Nissan unveiled a new high-tech yellow cab that will hit the streets of the Big Apple next year.

There's a lot to like about the Nissan NV200, which the company is showing off at this year's New York International Auto Show, but there's also a few head scratchers.

On the bright side, the new cab has far more legroom than the jammed up back seats of the Ford Crown Vics and Escapes we have today, and the flat floor makes it easy to scoot across as you and your friends pile in. Once inside, there are USB and 12V power ports for charging your phone, a rider controlled GPS navigation system, a huge glass sunroof for looking at the passing skyscrapers, and a user-controlled thermostat and air conditioner. The anti-microbial odor-absorbing seat material and hard sweepable floor should also make it easier to keep the cab from becoming just too gross inside.

What's not so hot is that at first the cabs will come only with a regular gas engine. Lots of the cabs currently running around NYC are hybrid Ford Escapes and Toyota Priuses, so this seems like a particularly backwards step. There is talk of an all electric version arriving in 2017.

The NV200 will come in two versions, the standard access version shown here, and a wheelchair accessible version with a pull out ramp in the back. Nissan may be a Japanese owned company, but the NV200 cabs will be built in Mexico.

Look for the NV200 to start picking up hails in October 2013.

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