New turbine sucks both clean water and power out of wind

The developing world has a continuous need for two things: electricity, and clean water. But more than that, there's a need for a decentralized way to produce both of these things, without a lot of additional infrastructure, and a new type of wind turbine that can suck water straight out of the air seems like the ideal solution.

Even in the middle of the desert, where it's hot enough and dry enough to turn a snowball into a piece of charcoal in 0.7 second, air has water in it. You can get this water out by putting energy into the system, cooling the air down and condensing the moisture out of it. This happens in an air conditioner (where cool dry air is the goal and water is just a byproduct), but if you make water the goal instead, you can get quite a lot of it, even in low-humidity environments.

Eole Water's WMS1000 wind turbine combines a humidity condenser with a conventional wind generator to create both electricity and clean, pure water in one self-contained package. All it takes is a 15 mph or higher wind to create between 500 and 1,000 liters of water per day, along with 30 kilowatts of electricity. The more wind and the more humidity there is the better the turbine does, but it's been undergoing ground testing in Abu Dhabi since last October, producing a respectable 650 liters of drinking water per day on average. Industry heavyweights like Siemens have been impressed, and are in talks to license the tech.

So now that you've got your fancy new turbine that can produce both water and energy, the only thing you're missing is some snacks. To that end, here's a modest proposal: make the turbine blades out of something invisible and sharpen up the edges, and then install a little barbecue grill down at the bottom. Wings, anyone?

Eole Water, via TreeHugger

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