New app creates citizen journalism voting system

In the age of smartphones, Twitter and blogging, citizen journalism has reached previously unimagined heights. Signal, a new app, harnesses the power of citizen journalism and puts that power in the hands of its consumers.

Lebanese entrepreneur Mark Malkoun created the app after watching how Twitter was used to disseminate information during the Arab Spring. He said, "Signal was definitely inspired by the Arab Spring, and more precisely from a personal desire to get a simple way of seeing what's happening around you straight from the people."

The app will allow users to upload photos and geo-locations similarly to Twitter, but it will contain a voting system so that stories with more votes appear first.

He said, "If you want to create a complete news solution, you need a way to filter the stories by importance. Instead of having a small group of people deciding what's important for us and what is not, we created a democratic voting system to give this privilege back to the users."

His argument for the app is that Twitter and other social media websites were not created specifically for citizen journalism. While these tools certainly work as useful platforms, a dedicated app would allow citizens to be better protected and to release information to a larger audience (since it doesn't rely on "followers"). And it trumps traditional media price-wise.

The app, found here, will launch in Lebanon this month, but Malkoun plans to expand it in time.

Via The Next Web

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