Working NES controller table will shame your other furniture

This absolutely freakin' awesome wooden NES controller table kicks some major ass. I loved it when I thought it was a really well crafted art piece. I swooned though when found out it actually works!

This giant ode to the old school NES controllers is hand crafted out of maple, mahogany and walnut wood. The table has dovetail joints and mid-century modern legs.

When you are ready to start gaming just remove the glass top and plug in the retractable cord. The entire table functions like a controller would. It's a little bit geek and a little bit chic.

Sure, there have been other NES controller tables, but this amazing piece from The Bohemian Workbench does it with class. Your parents might think you've just invested in some modern art instead of indulging your whimsical side.

It's a win-win for everyone.

The NES controller table is 42-inches long by 18.25-inches wide by 18-inches tall and sells for $3,500 (plus shipping and handling) via The Bohemian Workbench's Etsy shop.

Once you see it, you won't want to part with it so you'll want to make sure it will fit through the door before you buy.

The Bohemian Workshop, via Geeksugar

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