Missiles atop homes might be used to secure London 2012 Olympics

While sports fans gear up for the London 2012 summer Olympics, the residents of Bow Quarter, a batch of residents in London aren't too happy. Why is that? They're concerned about the government's plans to install missile launchers on their roofs!

That's right, the U.K.'s Ministry of Defence wants to put huge weapon systems on top of people's houses. If finalized, the housing complexes would be monitored by soldiers 24/7 for the entire duration of the Olympics (that's two months!).

One resident Brian Whelan wasn't too happy to find posters and leaflets priming people about the missile defense launchers:

"They say they'll only use them as a last resort, but... you'd shower debris across the east end of London by firing these missiles."

The Ministry of Defence defended itself by saying that the missiles would only be used to "counter threats from very high performance, low-flying aircraft" and that the location was chosen because it's relatively close to the Olympic Park.

Mind you Londoners, your homes are only "site evaluations." Frankly, if I had that type of security for my building, I'd be able to sleep like a log all night.

Via BBC and The Telegraph

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