Man parks his ultra realistic flight simulator next to his car

Clearly, air-traffic controller James Price isn't worried about taking his work home with him. He's a man so in love with airplanes, he's spent 20 years and $150,000, building a high tech flight similar in the nose of an actual Boeing 737. It's parked in his garage.

Price started his hobby with the $1,500 purchase of an old Continental Airlines aircraft nose weighing in at 2,500 pounds. Then he began systematically building it out with real aircraft parts. Inside the cockpit he's sourced everything from dual controls and flight instruments to real seats.

This flight simulator isn't just some realistic looking toy to sit in. Price's simulator is equipped with software that displays the flight approach to the world's airports. In addition to take offs and landings, this sim can run just about any scenario a training pilot might need — from engine failures, fires and crashes.

That last bit probably isn't much fun — but Price is a true hobbyist going for realism and it's best to be prepared right?

Just about the only difference between Price's simulator and those used in real life training scenarios is the fact that it doesn't move. But with terrain scenery built in to the software and weather updates from the Internet, you might not even notice that.

Price's love for planes is clear. After spending all day directing aircraft around the California skies, he comes home to his carefully constructed 737 sim and is still filled with passion.

He described it to Digital Trends: "There's a certain allure of sitting inside the cockpit of a real plane that's flown 30,000 or 40,000 (trips). It smells like a real plane. It's a very purist approach."

Price added: "Most people are into the desktop (flight) simulators. There are only a few of us who go to the crazy level."

I for one don't think Price is crazy — we'll just call him more dedicated than most. I wonder if he's looking for a co-pilot?

Via Digital Trends

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