Man earns online holiday with one million Wikipedia edits

Wikipedia exists thanks to the tireless efforts of its users, who volunteer to add and edit content simply out of a love for the site. Yesterday, Justin Knapp, a 30-year-old from Indianapolis, proved his Wiki love by becoming the first person to make one million edits.

He started editing the site in March 2005, and has worked at a rate of roughly 365 edits a day since. That's about one edit every four minutes, begging the question, "When does Justin Knapp sleep?"

Founder Jimmy Wales awarded Knapp Wikipedia's online Special Barnstar medal and the Golden Wiki award and even declared April 20, 2012 "Justin Knapp Day."

Perhaps this will finally put 4/20 on the map as an underground holiday of some sort.

Knapp's reasoning for his edits was that he found some unexpected free time.

"Being suddenly and involuntarily unemployed will do that to you," he said.

So however you consume Wikipedia, you inevitably have Knapp to thank in part for his hard work.

Via The Telegraph

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